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We take care of your website, while you take care of business. WordPress maintenance plan for small businesses

WordPress maintenance in the UK

Save yourself hours of time and use us as your website team

We take care of your WordPress maintenance including your hosting, website file backups, and all the other boring stuff to save you time. It’s complete peace of mind that your business stays up and running on-line.

Your website is a digital version of a car, If you neglect it, eventually, it starts to cough and splutter, use’s more fuel, then breaks down. Your website maintenance plan is the monthly service needed to maintain your site and keep it running smooth.

What’s included the website maintenance plan?

Here’s what you get with your Website maintenance package:

  • Weekly Backups of your files
  • Backups of your database
  • Hosting set for a faster speed
  • Security plugin to harden your site against hackers
  • Firewall for added protection
  • Security Scanning for malware
  • Secure and virus-free
  • Latest version of WordPress
  • Update your theme
  • Plugins updated and tested for conflicts from third-party developers.

Keeping your plugins updated is important, it can be time-consuming. We do this for you and keep your site up-to-date.

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keep your business running safely online.

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Pay yearly and get 1 month free

For a limited time period we’re offering a reduced amount on your WordPress maintenance plan.
If you choose to pay yearly you will save £25 on your WordPress maintenance plan.
Yearly cost is reduced to only £275 for all your website updates and complete security.

Managing your content

You get 1 hour Free each month to change any text or an image


Just email us the changes to your new content that you want on your website.We care for your website on our maintenance plan to give you complete peace of mind.

We offer WordPress site maintenance and management service to UK businesses. Direct support with any technical issues on your WordPress site. All this for Just £25 per month for one website. Saves you time each week so you can concentrate on running your business!

Treat your website like your car! Every 20,000 miles your vehicle needs an oil change. Each year a car needs an M.O.T certificate. It needs that regular service to keep it running efficiently. And a mechanic for any manufacturer updates released. Like anything mechanical, your software also requires routine maintenance.

Don’t wait for your site to breakdown protect your business and investment with a Website Maintenance Plan.

Who is Red Kite SEO?


We are a U.K based local web design and SEO Business. We work with WordPress every day it’s what we do. We have experience dealing with hosting providers and software developers.
We’re local WordPress people who can fix any issues quickly.

Why do I need a WordPress maintenance plan?

wordpress website maintenance plan designed to protect your business investment

Protect your digital investment and keep your business website running smooth and safe

Dave’s small business website story


Meet Dave, he runs a small local business. He balances the day to day running of his mini empire. He knows how important it is, to have a professional website online.

Dave also has to keep firm control of his business costs, from suppliers to invoicing customers and keeping cash flow in to his business.

Dave is really busy, but if he can do a small task himself and save money then that’s a no brainer in his book.

Dave a small business owner who needs a wordpress maintenance plan to protect his website

Dave, set up his business 2years ago, and things are going o.k. In dave’s first year he realised we wanted a website, as his company deals with customers at their homes he doesn’t need a shop. Owning a website is Dave’s storefront, he use’s it as an online brochure for his business.

Dave also knows that for his website to get found easily online, he needs to do something called SEO, but that’s more expense and a job for another day. Right now, Dave has spent money on his website and is happy with the finished result. Dave tells everyone he meets “You can check out my website, all the information is on there“.

Dave’s so busy he’s lost track of time

Then one year on from his website launching on the web. Things start to get a little bit, sluggish, his website doesn’t load very fast and slows down, products he uses have changed, he has begun offering new services, and prices have changed. Dave’s sales have started to reduce, and the contact form on his website stopped sending him emails two months ago.

Dave’s investment in his website is starting to be, a waste of money, and worried it’s going to take a lot of time to fix. And the web design people who built his site, don’t return his calls anymore.

Don’t throw your money away

Dave invested his money in a product which proved excellent at first. But then, over time, it becomes stale and unproductive. Now Dave’s left with an out of date website, that doesn’t work, and his business is suffering. For all, he knows it could have been taken over by hackers.

Don’t be like Dave, and put it off for another day. Can you afford not to look after your website?

Protect your digital investment, and keep your website running smooth and keep it safe.

Treat your website like your car!. It needs a regular service to keep it running efficiently. And a mechanic for any manufacturer updates.
Like anything mechanical, it will require routine maintenance.

D.I.Y maintaining WordPress yourself


If you plan on taking care of your WordPress site yourself, here’s some useful resources to read:



What to do after you’ve been hacked?

Read this blog post by Yoast it gives some helpful tips and an action plan for your site


WordPress Maintenance Plan

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