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website seo audit report

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Simply fill in the contact us form to get your Website Audit Quotation when you are happy with our quote, simply sit back, relax, and we will get to work auditing your website and nearest competitor. A full SEO Audit report gives you the information to get ahead and beat the competition.

What’s Included in Your Website SEO Audit Report

Your website SEO Audit report dives deep into your site makeup. The report gives you all the information needed to help achieve search engine ranking.

If you’re currently performing SEO on your site, this report may just give you the edge to out rank your competitor. Your report is a general health check of your site and ranking factors. The main areas covered in the SEO report are:

The 5 Key Areas in Your SEO Audit

  • Page Conversion Analysis

  • On Page Optimisation

  • XML Site Map

  • Off Page Optimisation

  • Competitor Analysis

The 5 Key Areas in Your SEO Audit Report Explained

Page Conversion Analysis

Before we focus on the ranking factors in search engines. It’s important to make sure your site is set-up to convert your website visitors. In your SEO report the page conversion element includes an eleven point check list. Your audit will cover a mixture of metrics from

  • Call-to-actions 
  • Mobile friendliness 
  • Navigation
  • Current rankings
  • Plus seven more factors

These eleven factors gives you the information needed to convert people visiting your site. Once these page conversion points get put in place, it will now convert future visitors to your site.

On Page Optimisation

Now you have your website set up to convert your website visitors. We turn our attention to include your on page optimisation. Your report looks at each page of your site and accesses how it’s set up, for search engines to crawl and index.

Your SEO audit includes a thorough 15 point check list for on page optimisation. This report shows title tags, website speed, broken links and more. All these factors show how search engines see your website and workout your ranking.

Google and Bing search console

We check for your site for robot.txt files and xml site maps. These are accessed in your Bing webmaster tools and Google search console/Analytics. It’s important to check for crawl errors and what’s happening with your website in search engines.

Off Page Optimisation

This looks at your backlinks to your site and domain authority. Do you have spammy links that harm your website? In your audit it will show you the number of backlinks coming to your site and which are your top pages.

Competitor Analysis

We will compare one of your competitor’s website against your site. This information gives you a comparison for what keywords they are targeting, and what their website is doing to be ranking where it is. This is all included in your website SEO audit report.

Red Kite website seo audit report for increase in ranking

Why You Need a Website SEO Audit Report

If you want to gain search engine rankings and get found on the first page, you will need to audit your website. Your audit will help you understand where improvements can help your site rank higher.

An audit will also highlight any factors that are preventing your site from progressing. Such as technical issues or poor on page optimisation. In our experience we find there’s a few reasons why you would want a SEO audit.

  1. A website health check this gives you a full overview on the condition of your site in the eyes of search engines
  2. You want a second opinion. You maybe employing a SEO agency or, you’re not achieving first page rankings. And you want to cross check the work your paying for.
  3. An actionable plan for doing your own website SEO

How to use your SEO Audit Report

Now you have all the information needed to enhance your visibility in search engines. Your audit report shows you an actionable list of things to do. You can follow the SEO audit report recommendations to make changes to your site.

The important thing to remember is that as a site owner you need to audit your website every 3-4 months. Search engines keep changing ranking factors, so it’s a must do situation to keep up to date.

If You Need Help Using Your SEO Audit Report

Once you have an audit report some of the tweaks and changes needed can be a long process. Some of the technical issues can be time-consuming to put in place. As we specialise in SEO, we help you save time by using our SEO Service. We will optimise your website for you leaving you more time to run your business.

We carry out SEO in two ways, either an ongoing monthly basis or, as a one-off fixed fee. The cost of our SEO service will vary on each website as it’s based on the amount of work that needs doing on your site.


Get a full SEO audit report

Simply fill in the contact us form to get your Website Audit Quotation when you are happy with our quote, simply sit back, relax and we will get to work auditing your site.