Mobile web design connects you to more people

Smart phones are predicted to grow more popular through 2016 for mobile search. Finding your business details, services or products while away from home is now the norm.
Responsive websites look good & adapt to smart phones also accessed easily on mobile devices. Quick easy access to your website helps bring customers to you.

Responsive web design gets SEO thumbs up

Responsive web design is now part of search engines ranking formula. Search engines such as Google rank your website on being mobile friendly and speed. Having a responsive website helps SEO get your website to rank on the 1st page in search engine results.

Responsive websites are also user friendly, easy access & website navigation for visitors to your website helps towards the user experience, which is also a ranking factor in SEO search engine results.

Pete Hogg
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Pete Hogg

Freelance SEO Consultant at Red Kite SEO
I like helping small businesses reach their full potential online by connecting them to customers and generating sales.

I was introduced to websites and SEO in 2007 while running my own local business. Having a website enabled me at that time to display my business and give customers a digital brochure of what my company provides and who we are.

As a business owner, I generated repeat business but you are always looking for reliable sales inquiries, and knowing that spending money on adverts, that the marketing must deliver 'ROI' value for money.

That is when SEO sparked an interest in me to learn how to get found on Google by customers searching online.

Fast forward to the present, and I now specialise in local SEO and website design aimed at small businesses.
Pete Hogg
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