Stunning quality images on good website design. Professional image of a photographers portfolio website page.

Quality images is just good web design

The photos on your website and marketing can have a big impact on how customers view your business. So you don’t want to just go with the cheapest or easiest options at the expense of your overall marketing or branding efforts.

High-quality professional images on a business’s website and content marketing give the impression of a high-quality professional business “they are an indicator of quality.”

Make sure they’re relevant to your message

Before adding photos to your website or setting up photo shoots, you need to decide what types of photos you want, and what they will add to your website or content marketing.

Photos can be incredibly useful in creating visual interest and adding a face to your company.  Your marketing strategy and brands style will help you decide on the photos that are likely to have an actual impact.

Hire a professional & look fantastic

Smartphones, tablets and other devices have made it easy for people to photograph. But access to a camera doesn’t make you a professional. Customers can tell the difference. So if you want better photos that look like they were taken by a professional, hire one.

Pete Hogg
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Pete Hogg

Freelance SEO Consultant at Red Kite SEO
I like helping small businesses reach their full potential online by connecting them to customers and generating sales.

I was introduced to websites and SEO in 2007 while running my own local business. Having a website enabled me at that time to display my business and give customers a digital brochure of what my company provides and who we are.

As a business owner, I generated repeat business but you are always looking for reliable sales inquiries, and knowing that spending money on adverts, that the marketing must deliver 'ROI' value for money.

That is when SEO sparked an interest in me to learn how to get found on Google by customers searching online.

Fast forward to the present, and I now specialise in local SEO and website design aimed at small businesses.
Pete Hogg
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